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Pharmacyonline.gr, is the online store of the pharmacy company Ossa Roxanne & Co. The company's headquarters are located at 39 Meg. Alexandrou, 66200 Mikropoli, Greece, VAT EL998156980 Tax Office Drama.

1. Introduction

For any questions or clarifications on the terms and conditions of this contract, or for comments and complaints on our site, please contact us [email protected]

The visitor / user is required to read the disclaimer before registering at pharmacyonline.gr.

The visitor / user is considered to have unconditionally accepted the Terms of Use as these are applicable in each case using the services of pharmacyonline.gr.

Pharmacyonline.gr reserves the right of unilateral amending of the Terms of Use, without prior notice to the user / visitor except for publication on the respective website.

If a user / visitor disagrees with these Terms they are requested to refrain from using this website.

2. Overview

The use of this website is meant only for legal purposes and in a manner that does not impede the use by third parties. The visitor / user is obliged to use it according to law, in a manner consistent with good morals and the Terms and shall not perform acts or omissions that may cause damage or malfunction to this Site, or affect or jeopardize the provision of services by the pharmacyonline.gr

This website and the services offered through it aim exclusively at adults. Minors are prohibited to use it or visit it, and perform transactions. Pharmacyonline.gr bears no responsibility for any visit to this website and use by minors, as it cannot verify the identity of incoming users / visitors.

Pharmacyonline.gr tries to maintain and ensure the availability of the website and its content. Regardless of these efforts, the availability of this website depends on various factors such as the users’ equipment, the number of users trying to connect simultaneously to this website or the Internet, etc. Pharmacyonline.gr also reserves the right for website maintenance, even if this results in a temporary shutdown.

Pharmacyonline.gr is entitled at any time and without any notice to change the nature and content of its website and to suspend or discontinue its operation temporarily or permanently. It may also be stopped or suspended, or be prevented from operating by reasons beyond the control or will of pharmacyonline.gr.

Pharmacyonline.gr makes every effort to ensure the accuracy, completeness, validity and clarity of the information and the overall content of the web. Pharmacyonline.gr does not guarantee nor shall be liable for users / visitors, for safety or content of the web.

The users / visitors of this site accept the inability of pharmacyonline.gr to control all the content and services offered through it. Pharmacyonline.gr does not guarantee that the use by users / visitors of the website, information, data or material included on its content do not affect the rights of others.

3. Description of Services

Pharmacyonline.gr, is an online self-contained store, with its own pricing, payment terms, supply and product delivery. Quoted prices of products are final (VAT included). Pharmacyonline.gr reserves the right to change prices without prior notice to the customer.

The customer has the ability to place orders, provided they have registered once in the site of entry of the online store, selecting "New User ".

Each client registers only once.

The customer using the unique combination of Client Name (username) and Customer Code (password) that he has chosen and stated, has the following options:

  • To browse the contents of the shopping basket ("My basket"). In the basket the customer can view the products he has chosen to purchase. The customer may place an order, whose overview or change (delete items, change quantity) is possible at any time up to checkout.
  • To complete the order and pay by selecting one of the payment options provided by the online store.
  • To track the order and browse at its contents after the checkout process
  • To browse previous orders.
  • To modify the Customer Account.

4. Disclaimer

The users / visitors who do not trust pharmacyonline.gr are asked not to visit or use this site or services offered through it. Users / visitors are invited to use protection software against viruses, Trojan horses or other harmful programs and data.

Pharmacyonline.gr is not responsible for side effects and damages from the use of ordered products due to wrong product selection by the user, careless or improper use of the products, or the fault of the manufacturer, such as fault during manufacture, incomplete information or instructions accompanying products, production quality, material safety and actual faults. Our responsibility in case of a defective product is limited to its replacement, provided that the return requirements are fully met.

Pharmacyonline.gr is not responsible for deficiencies in the availability of products by force majeure, weather, fire, strikes, suppliers, illegal conduct of third parties and the general reasons not attributable to the fault of the internet site of pharmacyonline.gr.

Pharmacyonline.gr is not responsible for any temporary or permanent incapacity and for delays in acceptance and execution of orders and delivery of ordered products by reasons not attributable to its fault, as indicative extreme weather conditions, natural disasters, emergencies, strikes , fire, malfunctions of partner courier companies, accidental damage or destruction of the products before delivery to the user after given for shipment, illegal interventions of the counterparty or third party provider malfunction on the process of online payments (Bank) or hosting service provider (Host Provider) or of the Internet service provider (ISP) or of the service provider access (Access Provider) or of the terminal equipment of a user, incorrect reporting by the user and generally for any incident which prevents the proper performance of its contractual obligations. The Company's liability is limited to the contract with the consumer commitments and will make every effort to respond to them within a reasonable period of time.

Pharmacyonline.gr is not responsible for improper condition of the products delivered where it is not due to improper storage of the product frompharmacyonline.gr and if all the precautions necessary have been observed.

The information provided by the experienced scientific associates of this web store, information and advice on issues concerning health, prevention, beauty and cosmetics are provided for information only and they don’t replace any medical advice, examinations, diagnosis and prescriptions from medical professionals, medical providers and diagnostic centers that the user must follow to deal with any health problems and everyday issues that concern him.

The answers, advices and information provided from this site are entirely valid and reliable, but are given without prejudice to the accuracy, completeness and veracity of the information provided by the user about his problem, whose characteristics (information) we are not able or obliged to affirm. In case that the user informs us about untrue, inaccurate and/or incomplete information, our Company is exempt from liability for the validity of the advice provided to the user from liability for damage of unsuited to the needs of the user information and/or advice.

Pharmacyonline.gr provides the content (eg information, names, images, illustrations etc.), products and services available through this website on an "as is" without any warranty expressed or implied in any way. Also, pharmacyonline.gr does not guarantee that the content of this website and the quality provided through this service will meet the needs, demands and expectations of users / visitors. Any direct, subsequent sums, incidental, indirect or consequential damages arising from access to this website, or the use thereof does not create liability for pharmacyonline.gr officers, employees or partners.

Pharmacyonline.gr is in no event liable for any legal (civil and / or criminal in nature), nor for any damage ( direct, special , or consequential which indicatively and not restrictively, alternatively or / and accumulatively results in: loss of profits , data, compensation, etc. ) , which occurs for users / visitors of this site , or for third parties , from a cause related to the operation or not and / or use of the site and / or weakness of service provision and / or information available through this and / or any unauthorized third party intervention in paid products and / or services and / or information available through this.

Moreover, pharmacyonline.gr has no responsibility for loss or damage or contamination by computer viruses or other electronic devices used by the user/visitor for access to this website, nor is liable for damage related to failure in performance, error, omission, interruption, defect, delay in operation or transmission of the system etc.

In order to facilitate and serve the users/visitors, pharmacyonline.gr may provide connection through « links » hyperlinks or advertising banners, with third parties websites. Pharmacyonline.gr has no responsibility for the content, privacy policies, politics security, completeness and quality of service. Linking to these sites and websites is the responsibility of each user/visitor. These third parties, providers of those websites and WebPages, have full (civil and criminal) responsibility for safety, legality and validity of the content of websites and WebPages to the exclusion of pharmacyonline.gr liability, as indicative liability on the copyright of any third party rights. Consequently, users / visitors are obliged to directly contact these third party providers for anything resulting from the access or use of websites and web pages. Despite the fact that users / visitors of this site agree that pharmacyonline.gr is neither obliged nor can verify the safety and content of both websites and web pages and services of third parties to which it provides access, it however has the right to remove, modify or discontinue any service or link to third party websites and third party web pages, if according to judgement, the law or these terms are threatened or violated.

5. Users Obligations

The user / visitor of pharmacyonline.gr is expected not to use the network pharmacyonline.gr in operations, which may result in criminal prosecution or the start of any civil or administrative proceedings against pharmacyonline.gr for acts, indicatively but not exclusively refer to the Criminal Code , Special Penal Laws, Telecommunications Law, the Law on the Protection of Personal Data as well as the relevant provisions or directives of the European Union or the National Telecommunications Commission , the Data Privacy Policy and any other Public or Administrative Authority and Service .

To not violate any form of third party Copyrights.

Any costs or damages that pharmacyonline.gr may be required to repay due to infringement by user / visitor of the obligations arising from the present agreement, shall be met by the user/ visitor in question, who is required to pay pharmacyonline.gr directly without the need for the latter to take legal action and proceed to court.


To provide complete and accurate registration information, which must be entered during the registration for which, the possibility of updating is provided.

To update the registration data in order to respond to the current real personal information. In the case of inaccuracy in the Customer information recorded,pharmacyonline.gr has the right to immediately disable the Customer's account.

To keep secret and not disclose the ID name and its password (username, password) to third parties on services of pharmacyonline.gr. Also, inform the Company via email at pharmacyonline.gr, for any unauthorized use of code number and password.

To confirm that they have exited from the account at the end of each session.

To provide correct information of Payment and Delivery for placed orders at pharmacyonline.gr.

6. Intellectual and Industrial Property

The intellectual property obtained without the need for any further formality. The pharmacyonline.gr website and its content is the intellectual and industrial property of the Company and are protected by the relevant provisions of Greek, EU and International law.

All trademarks, distinctive features, patents, names, texts, images, graphics, drawings, photographs, programs, information material of all kinds, data, software are included on the Site content unless otherwise stated for specific rights of others.

Note that according to Law 2121/1993 (as amended and currently in force), the International Berne Convention (ratified by Law 100/1975) and the relevant provisions on the protection of intellectual property on the Internet, expressly prohibit any form of copying, modification, intervention, transfer, distribute, resell, lease, republish, reproduce, retransmit in electronic or mechanical form, save, print, create a derivative work load (download) from anyone or mislead the public about the actual operator of the Site Content.

Products, services, names, brands or distinctive features of third parties that appear on the Company's website are the intellectual and industrial property of third parties who bear the responsibility.

The trademarks, logos and distinctive features displayed on this website and depictions of persons or places or things that are part of the Content, are owned by the Company or third parties. Their use is strictly prohibited without securing the prior written permission from the Company, unless otherwise specified in the applicable terms of use. The content of the Website does not constitute or is in no way regarded as granting oral or silent license or right to use any Trademark displayed on the Site without the written permission of the Company or of third parties that may own the Trademarks displayed on this.

7. Promotional / Informational

The user / visitor of pharmacyonline.gr may, if he so wishes, request to obtain information about the new products supplied in the market by the Company and of any other offers, via promotional / informational messages to an email address.

There will be no unauthorized use of this service. The user may in any case and at any time request to discontinue receiving advertising messages, while the Company must consult the article 19 §4 and 13 §3 of Law 2472/1997, of the Authority register which records persons who do not wish to be included in files, which have the purpose of promoting supplies of goods or provision of services remotely.

The Company’s website provides its users with the option of receiving the pharmacyonline.gr newsletter if they indicate that they wish to benefit from this service.

The Company newsletter is fully compliant with the regulations for sending mail.

8. Online Dispute Resolution

If you have a complaint about a purchase, instead of going to court, you could opt for alternative dispute resolution. Alternative dispute resolution is the term used to describe all the different ways of resolving a complaint that don't involve going to court. Typically what happens is that you ask a neutral third party to step in and act as an intermediary between you and the trader you're complaining about. The intermediary might suggest a solution to your complaint, impose a solution on you and the other party or just bring you both together to discuss how to find a solution. You might know alternative dispute resolution as "mediation", "conciliation", "arbitration", "ombudsman" or "complaints' board". Compared with going to court, alternative dispute resolution usually costs less, is less formal and quicker.

You can only use it if you live in the EU and the trader is based in the EU.

Online Dispute Resolution http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr

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