Korres Body Milk White Tea Bergamot Freesia 125ml

Korres Body Milk White Tea Bergamot Freesia 125ml

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Korres Body Milk White Tea Bergamot Freesia 

Moisturising body milk, enriched with vitamins and trace elements. Essential skin energy boosting agents. White Tea, an indulgence solely for aristocrats of yestreyear China, is one of the most exquisite tea varieties. An invigorating yet sentual blend due to its fresh, delicate, sweet-toned aroma. A plant of South African origin, Freesia's distinct sent and vivid hues of pastel colours turned it into a sought after flower. The intense aroma of freshly cut Freesias lasts for days and sprins to mind carefree feelings and images of a blossoming countryside. Cultivated for centuries in the Calabrian coast, Bergamot is a citrus fruit that originated in Asia. Highly appreciated by perfumers around the world for its sharp, sweet-bitter, heart-warning notes, Bergamot is associated with long mediterranean evenings.

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