FrezyDerm Ac-Norm Spot Care 15ml

FrezyDerm Ac-Norm Spot Care 15ml

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FrezyDerm Ac-Norm Spot Care 

Fast-acting, tinted gel for topical application against pimples of an oily acne-prone skin. It features a pioneer combination of salicylic acid and plant extracts, vitamins and sugars transferred in microspheres for gradual and prolonged release of active ingredients on the inflicted area without irritations. Thus, it is achieved the exfoliation and opening of the pore for a deep action of deteriorating P. Acnes, anti-microbial and anti-septic protection, hydration and regulation of the secreted sebum.

It gives a smooth coating proper for all skin color tones and “erases” all pimples.

Non comedogenic
Dermatologically tested

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