Cretan IAMA 14 Softgel Capsules

Cretan IAMA 14 Softgel Capsules

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Cretan IAMA 14 Soft gel Capsules

Cretan IAMA Olvos Science is the result of many years of research by distinguished scientists at the University of Crete, who have made a practical application of indigenous knowledge, in partnership with Οlvos Science, a subsidiary of the Greek pharmaceutical company Galenica.

It contains essential oils from three herbs, Coridοthymus capitatus, Salvia fruticosa and Origanum dictamnus, in specific proportions, dissolved in extra virgin olive oil, and naturally contributes in strengthening the body’s defense.

Cretan IAMA Olvos Science, which is registered as an international patent, was originated, researched, developed and produced entirely in Greece. DNA barcoding is used to identify and test the homogeneity of the plant material used in its production.

Through long years of testing, the research team was led to a combination of essential oils from 3 aromatic herbs, namely, Coridοthymus capitatus, Salvia fruticosa and Origanum dictamnus , at specific ratios. This preparation does not simply have a cumulative but a true synergistic effect. In other words, its effects exceed the total action of its separate ingredients, as one substance complements and/or enhances the action of the others.

The specific combination was lawfully registered under an international patent. The essential oils of the 3 aromatic herbs in the form of a soft capsule are dissolved in extra virgin olive oil.


2 soft capsules taken once a day either in the morning or in the evening for at least one week.


Capsules are swallowed with water or another drink, independently of meals.  It may be given to children above 12 years of age who can swallow the capsule.

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