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Conditions of Use


The electronic store Pharmacyonline.gr provides the following services to the users/visitors.

The user/ visitor is obliged to read the terms and conditions of use before they subscribe to the electronic store Pharmacyonline.com. The user/visitor is considered to have accepted the Terms of Use every time they use the services of Pharmacyonline.gr.
Pharmacyonline.gr retains the right to change the Terms of Use without informing the users/visitors of the website, unless published at the customers own website. Visitors to our electronic store Pharmacyonline.gr can become our customers when they subscribe by clicking on the option "New Customer" at the homepage.

Service Description
Pharmacyonline.gr is the electronic store for the Pharmacy of Ossa Roxani & Sia O.E.
The customers can place orders on e-shop after they register at the homepage by clicking on New Customer. Each user subscribes only ONCE. By using the Username (email)and Password you registered on, you are able to:

- See the contents of your SHOPPING CART. There is a shopping cart at Pharmacyonline.gr which the customer can use to buy products for which they can at any time (by giving the email and password) revise, change the quantity or delete.
- See the orders placed on Pharmacyonline.gr
- See previous orders that have been purchased.
- Confirm and pay for orders through the different payment options that the e-shop provides.
- Change the personal details on the private customers account.
- Customers obligation
The user/customer of the electronic shop Pharmacyonline.gr is obliged to :

Do not use the network of Pharmacyonline.gr for any illegal purposes, that might result in legal prosecution against Pharmacyonline.gr. Indicatively, for all actions that are referenced in the Penalty code, special legal codes, at the Telecommunications Legislation, the protection of privacy of personal data legislation as well as the legislation of the European Union or the National Telecommunications Committee and any Public or Civil Service.
Do not violate any Copyrights of third parties.
To comply with any rules or terms of use that exist for the Pharmacyonline.gr electronic store as well as terms for the protection of the websites users or guests personal data.
To provide truthful and correct personal details during the subscription process.
To update the personal details so as to be in agreement with their current situation. In case of deceit, the Pharmacyonline.gr retains the right to deactivate the customer account.
To not share their password or username to third parties. The customer is also obliged to inform the electronic store via email to info@pharmacyonline.gr for any non granted use of their username or password.
To make sure they have logged off the account at the end of every on-line session.
To provide correct Payment and Delivery details for all orders placed in pharmacyonline.gr

Personal Data
The handling and protection of the users personal data are subject to the terms of the present statement as well as the terms of the Greek legislation (N.2472/1997 for the protection of the individual and the personal data as outlined by the Chair of the Committee of the Protection of Personal Data, P.D. 207/1998 and 79/2000 and the chapter 8 of N. 2819/2000 and N. 2774/1999 as well as the European legislation (95/46/EK and 97/66/EK) In case the users of this website provide at their own will personal data (e.g. name, address, phone number or e-mail address), the company may use these data for its own purposes.

The company can save and process the persona data of the users/visitors of the website for the purposes outlined below:

To provide services to the users via the website (sales, competitions, etc.)
Qualitative services for the users/visitors and improvement of services and products through the personal information provided.
Updates for new products and services as well as current offers, after consent by the users.
Advertising of the companys products, future communication with the users, survey questionnaires or promotion of products by distance with the consent of the users.
The user/visitor of the website accepts that the personal data is relevant to the purposes for which it is to be used, and, to the extent necessary for those purposes, should be accurate, complete, and up-to-date.

The user/visitor reserves the right to object to pharmacyonline.gr using their data or amending them as well as to recall his consent to process the data at any given time according to legislation (article 11 to 13, N. 2472/1997)

Advertising and Newsletter
The user/ visitor of the website is able, if he wishes to, to be informed on new products that the Company supplies to the market and for any other offers through electronic newsletters. The user can unsubscribe at any time, while the Company uses the legislative article 19 par. 4 and 13 par. 3 of N. 2472/1997, according to which, the people who do not wish to be sent updates or newsletter for marketing purposes retain this right. The Company allows the users to decide and chose whether they want to receive an electronic newsletter. The newsletters by the Company comply with the terms for sending electronic mails.

About Us
The Pharmacy Ossa Roxani was founded in 1997 in Mikropoli.
It executes prescription for all Insurance services and makes face care and body products according to the customers personal needs and preferences.
In November 2005, the pharmacy was launched on line. The pharmacyonline.gr was the first in Northern Greece and one of the first on line pharmacies in Greece.
In 2009 the pharmacy became a G.P. (General Partnership)

Pharmacyonline.gr is at the customers disposal 24 hours a day providing products and consulting services by experienced and specialized personnel. The orders are packed and prepared for dispatch at our recently refurbished and modern pharmacy. The pharmacy offers a wide range of cosmetics, nutrition supplements, orthopedic supplies, medical prescriptions, dental and personal hygiene products as well as products for babies and infants.

The order delivery for Greece is made via Geniki Taxydromiki. The dispatch for abroad is made via the Greek Post Services (ELTA) At Pharmacyonline.gr, our goal is to provide good customer service and build a relationship of trust with our customers. For further information regarding Pharmacyonline.gr visit our website www.pharmacyonline.gr or contact us via email on; info@pharmacyonline.gr

Our details of contact are
Ossa Roxani & Sia OE
Tel. 25220 31590
FAX 25220 31590
e-mail info@pharmacyonline.gr
VAT 998156980

Member of the Pharmaceutical Association of Drama, membership No 123 since 25/06/1997
Distance Sellers Reg.No 997/13
Member of the Union of Hellenic Distance Selling and Direct Marketing Enterprises

According to Greek legislation, we cannot dispatch nor prescribe medicine via Internet.